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Trinity Pacific Consulting was established by two brothers who envisioned an executive consulting firm based on their family values of honesty, communication and hard-work. Their competitive nature in conjunction with a tenacious mindset and a commitment to succeed, resulted in an incomparable family advisory practice that provides many different professionals and organizations the insight needed to navigate a complex careers-landscape.

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What We Do

Since 2014, Trinity Pacific Consulting has provided a highly personalized and strategic approach to executive recruiting. With more than 4 decades in the industry, we have an in-depth knowledge and genuine understanding of the different cultures and unique qualities of individuals and organizations that retain our services. Our firm is here to facilitate and improve YOUR company’s acquisition of the most talented and diversified, cost saving innovators in your industry.

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Our Services

Global Recruitment & Career Path Advisory Services

We like to recruit – And we’re really good at it!

Recruiting Solutions

Best in Class companies understand the importance of clearly defining & progressing culture & strategy. The right Recruiting partner will successfully identify & entice the right professionals for your organization, by analyzing cultural & organizational alignment, & determine compensation & retention processes that will drive further success. 

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Leadership Consulting

We advise our partners on proven methods to motivate, incentivize, develop, & retain top talent. A successful collaboration between client & candidate, consistently progresses human capital strategies & processes. Organizations that foster and cultivate talent are not only attractive to top talent, they are much more likely to retain that talent long-term.

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People are the key to success. We are passionate about our Clients & Candidates success. Interpreting a candidate's likelihood/probability for success in YOUR organization is our specialty. We pride ourselves in our ability to search for, identify, and recruit the most qualified talent. Individuals with a proven track record of achievements and valid motivation to continue to improve their careers.

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Vice President & Co-Founder



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Senior Partner



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