The TrinPac Distinction

Our greatest distinction is our unrivaled ability to search for, identify, and recruit, the most qualified talent based on education, experience, chemistry, and culture. We understand recruiting individuals with a proven track record of accomplishments and valid motivation to continue to grow and improve their professional career is integral to a successful hire.

Our success relies on your success. Fortunately, we're passionate about the success of both clients and candidates. We pride ourselves on our ability to interpret a candidate's probability for success in YOUR organization. We are the strategic partner to your human capital needs.

Businesses use Ollie to create great looking websites.

Built For Customers
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Driven by values
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Focused on scaling
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Leadership Team

Meet our dedicated crew.

Mateus Weiss


Sonia Bajaj

Customer Support

Bill Hughes

Co-Founder, Developer

Natasha McKinley

Founder & CEO
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They use Ollie to create great websites.

A wealth of styles and elements makes Ollie perfect for building websites for small, medium and large businesses.
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Built for customers

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Perfect for business

A wealth of styles and elements makes Ollie perfect for building websites.

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